Saturday, August 23, 2008

Procession into Bayreuth; August 19, 2008

We rolled the last fifty kilometers through rolling farm hills into Bayreuth. We had cycled two months and almost 2,000 kilometers to get here!

We decided to go first to the Wagner opera house, called the Festspielhaus. We arrived at 3:45, just before the start of "Meistersinger" opera. Many people streaming up the hill.
The brass came out on the balcony to welcome our triumphal arrival!
Oh yes, maybe it was the beginning of the opera!

The costumes were better than the American Academy Awards. We felt a little out of place in biking clothes! This woman waited for her escort as the people swirled around her.
The exposure here is adjusted to give a little of the brilliance of this burgundy outfit, below.

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