Thursday, January 30, 2014

New Year in N Y

 The line outside the women's bathroom at the opera was a better show than the show:  Die Fledermaus.

A wonderful spread for late dinner on New Year's Eve.

 Dumplings, pies, balls, buns, twists and other goodies at a Chinese bakery.

Below, the looming rebuilt World Trade Center tower.

January, 2014: Warm to Cold

The first two  weeks of January 2014 were not particularly cold.  There was even warm days with lots of fog.

Around the middle of the month, began a series of 'polar vortices' or 'Alberta Clippers,' bringing a total of over 36 inches of snow, biting cold, and lots of salt on the streets.

It is hard to show cold.
Images were taken at sunrise.