Monday, July 31, 2017

July 2017 Trip

Visited Bologna, Italy for festival of restored films:  Il Cinema Ritrovato.

Hiked for 6 days on European path E5:  from Bolzano to Timmelsjoch on Austrian border.
Average 13 kilometers per day, 600 meters up and 600 meters down.  We only did 77 km in the Italian regions of South Tirol.  The trail itself extends further north to Lake Constance and beyond and south to Verona.

Delved into Celtic and prehistory by visiting museums in Bolzano, Stuttgart and Zurich.

Experienced the modern architecture of Le Corbusier at Notre Dame du Haut in Ronchamp France and Stuttgart Germany.


There are 34 blog 'chapters' about this trip so be sure to scroll down to the bottom of each grouping of 5-10 chapters and and click on 'Older Posts'  to go further.

There are several chapters on Copper Age Oetzi and Iron Age Celts with information and photos taken directly from museum displays.

These photos of Celtic sculptures will give a taste; for more, go to the older posts by scrolling down and then hit 'Older Posts.'


Bologna, July 2017

info on Bologna

Trento, July 2017

Trento info:

 The central square fountain

 Green street art.

The Buonconsiglio Castle:

 Ceiling fresco of Icarus by Romanino

Bolzano, July 2017

Houses on the street of the South Tirol Museum of Archaeology, home of Oetzi the Iceman.
See later chapter below under 'Older Posts' :  Copper Age Frozen Relic, Oetzi the Iceman.

Frescoes in an old church, damaged by Reformation frenzy, bombing, age???


One of the many recent immigrants, asking for donations on the streets.

Bolzano central square at night.
Bolzano info:

E5 Hike, Day 1: Bolzano to Moeltner Kaeser

Day 1:  15 km, 800 meters up

 Leaving Bolzano on the funivia, which arrives at Jenesien on the Salten Plateau.

There were art works dotted along the trail, illustrating old legends and fables of the area.

E5 Hike, Day 1B: Salten Plateau and Langfen

E5 Hike, Day 2: to Merano 2000 and Up

Day 2:  17 km, 900 meters up and 800 meters down

Day 2 B: Summit of Hirzer Peak and Descent

Summit was 2,700 meters.

E5: Hirzerhut down to Sankt Leonhard

Day 3:  15 kilometers, 1,300 meters down


E5: St Leonhard im Passeier to Moos

Day 4:  Sankt Leonhard to Moos (with only day packs and bus back to hotel)
8 km, 600 meters up and 400 meters down.  Hot.

 Scything is still used for marginal and hard to reach areas.  This young man seems to be observing how to sharpen and then joins his brother scything.

 Follow the trail up that way. 
It should be cooler in the woods.

Looking back east  toward Sankt Leonhard in the valley of the Passeier.

The descent to Moos.