Friday, July 31, 2015

July Beautiful Insects

 Swallowtails on Bottlebrush Buckeye.
Aesculus parviflora.

I do not know what this caterpillar thing is?

Some July Projects 8400 Hull

Light switches, repair and painting of doors, new door handles.

In the case of these closet doors, entire replacement with mahogany.

And, stripping down of the bathroom to gain a few inches, replace fixtures and rebuild.

Taking Out Spirea Shrubs: Before and After

 Before, left and
After, below

Before, above and
After, right

Take Out the Old and Bring in the New: Keep on Truckin

 Cholly from Waste Management comes to pick up Bagster of rubble and construction debris:  3 cubic yards and over one ton.
 Old steel tub waits for pickup by metal recycler, above.
Below, PECO picks up old refrigerator for recycling program.

Arrival of new tub, toilet and sink.

New sofa, damaged in transit.

Visit to Richmond; July 2015

 Serenity and Swim at the Philadelphia Quarry Club

 Team:  SWW Landscape Design

Dinner in DC, below.