Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hurricane Sandy Here in Chestnut Hill, PA

 Ominous clouds preceded the storm by days.
Above are "baby bottom clouds" ordinarily associated with tornadoes.
Actually, they are "Mammatus" or breast clouds and you can find more info, click here.

Below, leaves were still on many trees and falling when the storm hit.  The saturated ground and trees still with leaves mean that big trees did come down.

The National Weather Service national weather radar shows the enormous size of what was called "an extratropical cyclone."  This does not mean much other than a low pressure system in the mid latitudes.  This hurricane was not as bad inland as it could have been.  At least the rain and wind were not as bad here as predicted.  The flood surge at the coast, however, was very bad.  And the size of the storm was immense.  The image above shows how the counterclockwise circulation of this low pressure covered the entire northeastern quadrant of America.

October Walk in Montgomery County Maryland

Lake Bernard Frank in Upper Rock Creek Watershed Site Dam Number 1.
Click here for more info.

New York City Public Art: Columbus in the Living Room

"Discovering Columbus" by Japanese artist Tatzu Nishi was sponsored by the Public Art Fund.  This art project encased the statue at Columbus Circle in a public living room around the statue so that visitors could spend an intimate 15 minutes there - 70 feet suspended above Columbus Circle.  Below is Cristoforo Colombo up close, above is the vista that he sees looking east on 59th St at twilight.

Scaffolding around the statue pedestal above.
Stylish legs of people waiting below.
Click here for New York Times article on this public art project.

Fall Meadows, Pennypack Ecological Restoration Trust

 The Native Plant Volunteer Group gathers meadow grass stems and spreads milkweed seeds below.

Pennypack Ecological Restoration Trust protects over 800 acres along Pennypack Creek in Huntingdon Valley, Montgomery County Pennsylvania.  Click here for website.