Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Marjorie; October visit 2008

All the Bayersdorfers (plus friend Sarah in the center).

Judith, Rachel, and Marjorie.
David and Marjorie.

Huntingdon, PA: another project!

Marina and Alan work together to renovate a little house in central Pennsylvania, in Huntingdon, south of State College.

Cyane's sister, Marina, has owned the house since about 1994.
We made friends at the Huntingdon Health and Wellness Center.
Marina is second from left, Cyane is third from left.
The house is right next to the Huntingdon cemetary.

Siegfriedale Farmhouse; Kutztown, PA

We have lived in, worked on, and loved this old farmhouse for (most of) 18 years.

It is right next to Rodale Institute, seen in the distance from the herb garden.
We will slip out into the night and the next adventure...

Selling the Kutztown House; October 16, 2008

Proud new owners of the Siegfriedale farmhouse.
Oh yes, there are grown up new owners, as well!
The realtors who made it happen.
Financial advisor helps with trying to understand our new life in this changing world.

Visit from Kay and Charles to Kutztown House

We were happy to have a visit from Charles and Kay, with their dog Oreo to our long-time home in Kutztown, PA. Since the house was about to sell, this was one of the last visits we would have there. Charles had just purchased a fancy black Porsche sports car...

Oreo the dog wanted to get down to the important business - finding sticks and chewing them up!
The grown-ups discussed politics, the financial situation, and the world - which Charles knows a lot about.

Rodale Institute

Rodale Institute has been a leader in organic farming research and healthy gardening education.

Visitor Center at Rodale Institute.
April Johnson, Master Gardener.
Bill Heasom, engineer, designer, and tech expert.
Quiet Creek CSA, where people gather for healthy vegetables.

Ardath Rodale's Birthday

Ardie Rodale has been a great champion of organic gardening and farming, carrying on the vision of Robert and JI Rodale. She has made sure that Rodale Institute has kept going strong.
Thank you, Ardie, for all that you have done!

Judelon talks with Maria Rodale, the head of Rodale, Inc.
Tim LaSalle and April Johnson help Ardie Rodale celebrate her birthday.
Amadou Diop and Jeff Moyer of Rodale Institute.
Cyane with Christine Zeigler Ulsh of Rodale Institute.
Cyane had worked at Rodale for 15 years and is always happy to go back.

American Wagner Society Meeting, New York; October 2008

Good friends, Robert and Jessie.

Lecture on Wagner's operas...

Marshfield Inn and Motel; Marshfield, VT; Highly Recommended

Pet friendly. Very pet friendly!
Here, Karma and Chris enjoy the views.

Innkeepers Diana and Tracey do a great job.

View east from the inn toward the sunrise.

Vermont Views, October 2008

Lake Champlain, with the Adirondacks in the distance, and rain blowing in.

We liked this cottage on Long Pond near Cabot.
Biking, of course.
American Main Street (in Montpelier) has a certain lonliness...

Hope Cemetary; Barre, Vermont

Sheafe Satterthwaite, Professor Extraordinaire

Cyane was lucky to have a class with Sheafe Satterthwaite on Landscape History. Many years later, Sheafe is still teaching, still learning, still reading, and putting together many different fields of study. Here, Sheafe is explaining early Dutch construction techniques in upstate New York houses.

The library of a true scholar!
Sheafe has meticulously restored his house.