Saturday, May 30, 2015

Scenes, May 2015

 Walking with Joe, hearing warblers along the Wissahickon:  spring leaf colors.

Even I can enjoy the colors of the azaleas above and fallen cherry blossoms to right. 
 So many rain clouds came to nothing in May:  lots of watering.
Philadelphia had almost 6 weeks with no appreciable rain.

Chestnut Hill Friends Meeting Grounds; May 2015

 Lawns have clover that looks like snow drifts; children love the sprinklers, below.

 Children planting above.  

Watering new rain garden at dusk below.

8400 Hull May 2015 Exterior

Fish Pond above and new garden bed below.

 Garage Workshop above and Carport (storage of trash) below.

Back of House:  needs work all over:  deck, downspouts, AC, etc.

May Painting, etc at 8400 Hull

 Living room and paint above,
Dining room with kitchen cabinets being assembled below.

Kitchen empty below.

Oven and Vent Pickup

Big Chill ( sells retro kitchen appliances.  They are a part of BlueStar Enterprises (, which has manufactured stoves in Reading PA for a century.

Same original building in Reading.
Nice to have a cargo van.