Sunday, December 28, 2008

Marjorie Bayersdorfer: April 21, 1933 - December 14, 2008

Photos courtesy of Joan Moffatt

  The two pictures above show Marjorie surrounded by the "Growing Native" Plant Nursery group from Pennypack Ecological Restoration Trust.  She is in the brown T-shirt and has a kerchief on her head.  David is standing next to  her in the top picture.  The pictures were taken in May, 2008 while Marjorie was undergoing chemotherapy.

  Marjorie said that she had found her true home working with these friends at Pennypack.  They propagated (grew) native plants, started two plant sales a year, and planned and installed native plant gardens at Pennypack.  Marjorie was instrumental in getting the group started.  She loved working at Pennypack with this group and threw herself into every possible project with enthusiasm and leadership.  

  This was the way that Marjorie lived her whole life, with passion and enthusiasm.  She had many friends and many interests that she threw herself into.  See article listed below in the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Marjorie's Memorial Service will be held in the butterfly garden she created at Pennypack

Sunday April, 26 2009
Two o'clock in the afternoon
Pennypack Ecological Restoration Trust
2955 Edge Hill Road
Huntingdon Valley, PA  19006

Marjorie's contributions were profiled in a recent electronic newsletter of the region:

A celebratory article about Marjorie from the Philadelphia Inquirer of Dec. 21 can be found at 

The website for Pennypack Ecological Restoration Trust can be found at 

Donations to celebrate Marjorie's life and accomplishments can be made to:
Pennypack Ecological Restoration Trust
2955 Edge Hill Road
Huntingdon Valley, PA  19006

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Some Visitors to Marjorie

Thanks to all those who send their thoughts, prayers, and even visits...

Nancy Beaubaire and Steve Cohen

Jim Mackenzie

Lorraine Alexander and Jeannie Myers

Alan sits with Marjore at the end of the day.

Native Plant Team at Pennypack Trust

Marjorie has been part of the great native plant nursery team at Pennypack Ecological Restoration Trust, seen below celebrating the end of a successful growing season.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Marjorie and Friends at The Hill

Marjorie has moved to the health care wing of The Hill at Whitemarsh.
Nursing care is available and help with meds.

Sigrid, Marjorie, Rachel, and Liz at the craft market at The Hill.

Robert joins the gals.

Susan, Hospice nurse, consults with Marjorie about care options.

Neil, head chef and pooh-bah, takes special care of Marjorie.

The Hill at Whitemarsh Trees Honoring Marjorie

Residents of The Hill at Whitemarsh donated trees to honor Marjorie's contributions.

Below, Marjorie and David venture out to inspect the newly planted trees.

David is seen here by the Redbud trees adjacent to the woodland.
The Hill looms in the background.

Visit to Pennypack Trust

Pennypack Ecological Restoration Trust has successfully preserved thousands of acres in and around Huntingdon Valley, north of Philadelphia.  

Pennypack is home to native plants and wildlife.

Marjorie worked with Pennypack staff to install a butterful garden, seen below in the snow.

Marjorie worked with a great group of volunteers and Chris Dartley, seen at right, to start a native plant nursery and plant sale.

Hundreds of baby pitcher plants in the Pennypack greenhouse.

New Apartment for Alan and Cyane in Chestnut Hill

Alan and Cyane are lucky to have found a rental apartment in Chestnut Hill, Pennsylvania.
Below image shows the great public art standing outside our block of 8 units.
Ours is a 625 sq ft one bedroom.

The Cherokee apartment complex is right above the cliffs along the Wissahickon Creek section of Fairmount Park.
Forbidden Drive is a wonderful walking and biking gravel path.

A great greenway corridor open to walkers, runners, bikers; it also preserves water quality and wildlife and plants. Also, a wonderful 4 mile commute to get to Marjorie and David's retirement community.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Marjorie; October visit 2008

All the Bayersdorfers (plus friend Sarah in the center).

Judith, Rachel, and Marjorie.
David and Marjorie.

Huntingdon, PA: another project!

Marina and Alan work together to renovate a little house in central Pennsylvania, in Huntingdon, south of State College.

Cyane's sister, Marina, has owned the house since about 1994.
We made friends at the Huntingdon Health and Wellness Center.
Marina is second from left, Cyane is third from left.
The house is right next to the Huntingdon cemetary.

Siegfriedale Farmhouse; Kutztown, PA

We have lived in, worked on, and loved this old farmhouse for (most of) 18 years.

It is right next to Rodale Institute, seen in the distance from the herb garden.
We will slip out into the night and the next adventure...

Selling the Kutztown House; October 16, 2008

Proud new owners of the Siegfriedale farmhouse.
Oh yes, there are grown up new owners, as well!
The realtors who made it happen.
Financial advisor helps with trying to understand our new life in this changing world.

Visit from Kay and Charles to Kutztown House

We were happy to have a visit from Charles and Kay, with their dog Oreo to our long-time home in Kutztown, PA. Since the house was about to sell, this was one of the last visits we would have there. Charles had just purchased a fancy black Porsche sports car...

Oreo the dog wanted to get down to the important business - finding sticks and chewing them up!
The grown-ups discussed politics, the financial situation, and the world - which Charles knows a lot about.