Wednesday, September 21, 2016


Friends gathering transformed the empty carport above to the festive gathering below.

And, the reception area shown above came alive with wonderful gathering below.

60th Birthday

The highlight of the party was a cake from Night Kitchen that replicated the house.
Actually, the highlight of the party was having so many wonderful people appreciate the cake and the house!  

It is almost magical how gathering can help ease transitions, ratify milestones and also add energy to go forward in the next phase of life, whatever that may bring.  Thank you!

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Outside Views Around House; August 2016

American Lotus blooming with fish begging for food.

 V Tree Arbor crew from Awbury Arboretum Landscapes - great job.

Carport, above, original color.

To right, floor painted with Aquapoxy Polyamine Epoxy two part coating.

State of the House; August 2016

 Living Room, above, to right and below right
Fireplace has gas burning insert.

Dining Room above and kitchen below, now with built in wooden counter extension.

Nursery Visit

Herbie and Shirley

Herb and Shirley were married over 70 years.

Herb is 99.

Shirley died three weeks after the photo was taken.  Rest in Peace.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Milan July 2016

Milan seems to have something of a building boom, especially around Porta Garibaldi.
New combines with art nouveau combines with old.

The Floating Piers

The Floating Piers.

Christo installation at Lago d'Iseo for 16 days only.
About 120 km northeast of Milan, the installation was 3 km of shimmering beautiful cloth, on 300,000 floating plastic cubes.
Walking on water!

Maybe the color of the stucco wall is where Christo found inspiration for the color of the cloth.

These photos are chosen for beauty and do not really convey the experience of what it was like to be in a crowd of 200,000 people.  In 90 degree heat/35 Celsius.

At the end of the day a boat went by.  When we looked carefully, we could see Christo on the top deck pointing to his creation!

Bologna July 2016

Bologna hosts the festival "Cinema Ritrovato" in early July, a showcase of restored films.
What a feast!

Bourg D'Oisans

Bourg d'Oisans is a small town about 50 km east of Grenoble.
It is a center for the French National Park Les Ecrins.
It is also famous for the Tour de France stage climb up Alp d'Huez.
Below Bourg d'Oisans and Alp d'Huez above.

A 'vide grenier' or flea market.