Saturday, February 28, 2015

February 2015: Sky - Trees - Ice

From sky above to sky behind Weeping Beeches.

The sun behind a hemlock creates a halo from branches.

The form of a leaf has left a shape in the ice.

Gigantic ice crystals form when water on the sidewalk slowly freezes, below.

February 2015: 8400 Hull with Snow

 There was less snow at the beginning of February 2015 than at the end.

 Looking south to street above.

Looking north from street to house below.

February 2015: 8400 Hull Interior Light

A piece of original wallpaper uncovered in the kitchen after cabinets removed.
Vintage 1948.

New York Visit February 2015

 Despite one of (perhaps the coldest) February on record, we enjoyed visiting, luncheon, deserts, and the Cubism show at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

The Leonard Lauder collection is to be donated to the Museum and has a great website:

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Leaving PHL, Jan. 2015

The Art Deco statue at 30th St Station in Philadelphia.

Ice on the runway under the wing; smokestacks in the distance.

Scenes After Arriving; the Bay Area

Construction and Smog.  Water in The Bay.
Then cars.

 Cool landscaping, Modern House.
Rich area.

Redwoods behind gates.

Renee's Garden

Renee's Garden:

Botanical Garden Berkeley: Textures, Foliage, Oaks, Flower

University of California Berkeley Botanical Garden

Sea Stacks Along South Oregon Coast

SF: Noir City (and then Home)

San Francisco has a fantastic 1940's Film Noir festival.  2015 was the 13th year for "Noir City."

Cactus collection above to left.  Oh yes, and then back to Philadelphia (Hellebores in snow).