Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Big Sky: September 2015

September 2015 brought only one or two days of rain to this area of Pennsylvania.
There were dramatic skies and clouds.
Here is one optical effect observed while checking the roof one sunset.

And, here, the sky during a visit to Whole Foods parking lot.

An intensely clear day with no clouds on the equinox at the Jersey Shore.

The sunset above Mt Airy one evening in September.

Chestnut Hill Friends Meeting Landscape Sept 2015

Above, wood chips delivered from Awbury Arboretum for Meeting workday.
Below, the friendly team that spread that entire 10 cubic yards of mulch.

The Chestnut Hill Friends Meeting Rain Garden actually got rain one day in September!

Which it handled well.

Below, native wildflowers that thrive despite deer and drought:  Snakeroot and Goldenrod.

Hull Bathroom: Wall Tiling

This series of photos shows the long process of tiling the shower surround, after having built up the walls with 'Hardee Board,' filled cracks and seams and prepared the surface.

Alan manages a smile even with laying over 500 tiles.
Maybe he is just happy to be nearing the end of the laying process.
Then, grout is applied carefully between all those tiles.
At bottom, Alan wipes the haze of grout off of the tiles.

Hull Bathroom: Floor and Fixtures

Laying out the floor above.
Below, bathroom with floor installed and then with fixtures put in place.
Tub has a red paper to protect the finish during work.

Hull House Outside: Sept 2015

Restored gas line cut above, with dark mulch, sculpture and cover crop behind.

Below, around carport, with cleared area under Silver Maple and new bog by Banana.

Behind the house, outlining the contour of the edge of the hill with pots of rocks and starting to lay out pipe to get downspout water away from the house.

Richmond Visit; September 2015

Dear Friends

A wonderful old Willow Oak above to left.

Below, genteel door of the 'Daughters of the Confederacy,' modeled after the White House.
And, the interior of the Confederate Chapel.
All on the grounds of the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts.

A very crowded living room.

Shore Wedding: A Joyous Occasion Sept 2015

Tim and Sarah met many years ago when they were 9.
Now, after a long wait, they sailed together to the Jersey Shore to celebrate their marriage.

 The bride has a warm welcome for Alan.

Tim & Sarah prepare to address the crowd.

Against the setting sun, Tim tells the story of family, sailing and a welcome re-union.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Facing Old Fireplace with New Bricks; Hull House

Designer Dominik suggested facing the original red brick fireplace.
Black and white facing half-bricks from Fireclay Tile was our choice.
Alan cut the ones on angles and glued them together.
Original fireplace below, with angled bricks waiting to go.

 Alan installs bricks above.

To right, almost done.

Applying grout between the bricks.

Finished fireplace does not yet have mantel installed.
Blue tape marks show studs and possible lighting locations.

Furnace Installation, Hull House

August, 2015:  Conversion from oil to gas, new furnace, installation by DE Duffey.
And, finally, air conditioning!

The old setup to right:  large old furnace , with hot water heater sandwiched to left and return ducts looping over.

 The old furnace sat on a concrete ridge, surrounding a hole in the ground where old return air ducts  came together.  Alan smashed the old ridge wall and filled the hole with rubble and concrete, creating a flat surface.

Old furnace on the way out, although pieces of it are still hanging around.

New set up below, reusing the water heater and moving the much smaller furnace back out of the way, adding 15 square feet of new usable space!

New gas line coming in through the closet must be fished through the ceiling to furnace and also a new line laid from the house to connect with the main in the street.

Gas Line Installation, Hull House

Riggs-Distler was subcontractor for PECO to install the gas line from the main along the street 125 feet to the house.

The first section through the lawn was no problem with the trencher:

Closer to the house, rocks near the surface meant that the mini-excavator had to come in.
Even with this backhoe, they had trouble going 20 inches.

Dom lays the gas line once the trench is cut, including through the driveway.

Good job, guys!  Thanks, Dom and Nick.