Saturday, October 31, 2015

Fading Light in the Sky

These four shots were taken a few seconds apart, in chronological order, as the sun was setting.  Each one has a shift in the amount of light and color.  Overall, the color drained away as the sun set.

Below is a poem posted in the 'Poetry in Motion' program in the MTA subways of New York:

Patrick Phillips, b. 1970

It will be the past
and we'll live there together

Not as it was to live 
but as it is remembered

It will be the past.
We'll all go back together

Everyone we ever loved,
and lost, and must remember.

It will be the past.
And it will last forever.

The Colors of Fall, Slowly Fading Away...

Ah, Sugar Maples and the glorious colors of fall.

The colors of fall are also changing, fading and dying away.

Floors Begin, Hull House

After months of deliberation, the decision was to go with Marmoleum/Linoleum floors from forbo:  'Click' floating planks in most of the house and Marmoleum Composite Tile in the kitchen and utility room.
  An initial sample allowed us to see that the Click would work and put down the MCT tiles.

Picking up materials at Bell Flooring, above.

Below can be seen the concrete underneath, the foam underlayment and the 'Click' sandwich of cork, composite board and Marmoleum.  It is about 3/8 inch thick, is tapped into place and floats without any glue.  We ran out of materials and have to wait for backordered planks to arrive.

 Meanwhile, Alan can install the Marmoleum Composite Tile, which is a thin layer linoleum tile that is glued right to the concrete.  Very carefully!

The TV room floor is a modular carpet tile product from FLOR.  Alan created the design at left and was able to buy the exact colors and create the shapes from square tiles.  They are not glued down.

A Few Shots of Hull House in October

After a lot of work, the fireplace area has come together.
Photo shows air vents, two Orchestra Lights from Luce Plan (inset in wall), 
mantlepiece of walnut, fireplace with face bricks and electrical sockets -
after wall has been repaired and repainted.

Above, kitchen light, vent and cabinets.

To left, utility room with compact stacked washer and dryer.

Finding Fine Wood

Hearn Hardwoods is the place to go.
200 Whiteside Drive; Oxford PA  19363

We were looking for wood that will be turned into one or two table tops.
Morgan helped us find a beautiful slab of Sapele, a wood from west Africa that is related to mahogany.  Since mahogany and even luan have become rare, Sapele is an alternative.  Entandophragma cyclindricum.

Hearn has over 150 species and 1 million feet of boards stored and drying.
They document and inventory everything but it still was a miracle to find that one board.

 Here is the workshop, which has a 6 foot band saw.

Below, Alan looking around in one of the many storage areas where cut up logs are drying.

Alan was interested in log B0950 and Morgan remembered that it was stored on the top at the back of the warehouse.

Here is the piece of Sapele in raw form.
Done!  At 8 feet, it just fit in that cargo van.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Big Sky: September 2015

September 2015 brought only one or two days of rain to this area of Pennsylvania.
There were dramatic skies and clouds.
Here is one optical effect observed while checking the roof one sunset.

And, here, the sky during a visit to Whole Foods parking lot.

An intensely clear day with no clouds on the equinox at the Jersey Shore.

The sunset above Mt Airy one evening in September.

Chestnut Hill Friends Meeting Landscape Sept 2015

Above, wood chips delivered from Awbury Arboretum for Meeting workday.
Below, the friendly team that spread that entire 10 cubic yards of mulch.

The Chestnut Hill Friends Meeting Rain Garden actually got rain one day in September!

Which it handled well.

Below, native wildflowers that thrive despite deer and drought:  Snakeroot and Goldenrod.

Hull Bathroom: Wall Tiling

This series of photos shows the long process of tiling the shower surround, after having built up the walls with 'Hardee Board,' filled cracks and seams and prepared the surface.

Alan manages a smile even with laying over 500 tiles.
Maybe he is just happy to be nearing the end of the laying process.
Then, grout is applied carefully between all those tiles.
At bottom, Alan wipes the haze of grout off of the tiles.

Hull Bathroom: Floor and Fixtures

Laying out the floor above.
Below, bathroom with floor installed and then with fixtures put in place.
Tub has a red paper to protect the finish during work.

Hull House Outside: Sept 2015

Restored gas line cut above, with dark mulch, sculpture and cover crop behind.

Below, around carport, with cleared area under Silver Maple and new bog by Banana.

Behind the house, outlining the contour of the edge of the hill with pots of rocks and starting to lay out pipe to get downspout water away from the house.