Thursday, April 30, 2015

April Skies and Trees

The colors in early spring resemble those of autumn in some respects, with yellows, light green and even reds.
Before the leaves come out, silhouettes against exciting skies add to the drama.

Non-native plants in the woodlands often leaf out earlier and can be seen clothed in green well before the native plants get going.

CHFM Stormwater Swale, Before Rain Garden

This swale in front of the meeting room at Chestnut Hill Friends Meeting has two inlets for storm water.  The area was covered with river rocks and sod before planting.
The hose marks the border of rain garden, where plants will replace the rocks and grass.

These pictures show the beginning steps to remove the rocks and prepare the site for rain garden shrubs and plants.

CHFM Rain Garden Prep: Removing Rocks and Sod

River rocks were carried away by wheel barrow, at least 100 loads.

Sod was stripped off the rain garden site and reused in other areas.

The area that was cleared of rocks and sod is about 1,350 sq ft.
This was accomplished by the men from TCRC Philly.

CHFM Rain Garden Shrubs

16 shrubs installed in rain garden by Laurel Hill Gardens.

The soil is very stony and the holes hard to dig.

CHFM Rain Garden Planting

Delivery of 1,400 small plant plugs from North Creek Nurseries.

Training above and planting in photos below.
Installation Day took place on April 25, 2015.
Planting was done by volunteers.
1,400 plugs were put in the ground.

Snapshot of Hull House Work in April

Delivery of fridge from Big Chill:  Will it fit inside the door?

Yes, it did!
Fridge in place next to dishwasher with cabinets that Alan built.

A long, long process of choosing colors for paint.