Sunday, April 5, 2009

Rachel's Bat Mitzvah, Friday Night Party

Rachel and her grandmother Fran.

Amy shares the blessing to welcome guests with challah that she has baked.
Amy and her sister Charlie.

Rachel and her dad Mitch.

Friday Night Bat Mitzvah Party People

The ladies who pitched in to make the party happen.

David, Cyane, and Alan.

Saturday Night Bat Mitzvah Party

Lots of games and good party activities - as well as food!

Music that was just right.
Family activities and lots of games for kids.

A pack of Bat Mitzvah tweens turning into teens.

Saturday Bat Mitzvah Party People Shots

Mom and Harry Potter reader.

Scott and Aunt Charlie.

Boy and his I Phone.
Mitch, Alan, and Judith.

Bat Mitzvah, Sunday Brunch

Rachel, the Bat Mitzvah, and her aunt Charlie.

David and his brother Marv.
Bette, Marjorie's sister.
Alan and David.
Isobel, Aidan, Marge, Wendy, and Irv.

Bat Mitzvah, Aidan the Cutie

Alan Goes to the Stanford Theater

Stanford Theater
221 University Avenue; Palo Alto CA 94301

Palo Alto Sights

Lots of venture capital, and some successful startup businesses.
Nice urban pedestrian malls, with lots of commercial space.
Pocket urban park
Lots of residential remodelling is still going on in Silicon Valley.

Palo Alto/Menlo Park, CA Residential Styles

A visual landscaping joke.
Romantic cottage done with New Zealand Flax.
Xeriscaping with grasses.
Big, expensive, lots of hardscaping.

San Francisco

Boat basin near ATT Park, looking toward the bridge to Oakland and Berkeley.

Bridge on Fourth Street.

Guggenheim-type planting on an Art Deco building.
Well-done planter with succulents.