Friday, January 18, 2008

New Zealand January 1-19: The People

People have been very kind to us, before and after travelling.

Manfred from Germany, who liked to cycle 150 miles a day, was strong and generous.

Ann and George, two folks in their late 60s from England and who live on a houseboat were fine company at Murchison.

Julia and Brian, Kiwis from Waikari, took good care of us at The Cyclists' Retreat.

Paul, a Kiwi and a serious cyclist from Christchurch, used ace mechanic skills to upgrade Cyane's bike. We met Paul and his wife in Auckland - and hooked up with them when we arrived in Christchurch.

We miss everyone at home. More soon.

New Zealand Jan 1-19, 2008: The Plants

Cyane here with an update on biking in New Zealand, the land of volcanic mountains, ferns, and clouds.

Alan shows biking form on the trip from Picton to Christchurch, South Island.
Lewis Pass is 912 meters.

Most of the native forest of New Zealand has been logged. See below left. The tree ferns and New Zealand flax have been introduced into the horticultural trade.

See other Jan 19 post to meet some of the people we've met on the road...