Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Köln, Germany

Köln Dom/Cathedral is the largest in Germany. It took 600 years to build and now is constantly being renovated. It was damaged in World War II but survived. The Gothic spires are covered with projecting pieces, visible perhaps if you click on the picture. For scale, see one of the pieces in the foreground, dwarfing the heads of pedestrians.

Cyane stands on a hill northeast of Koln. In the distance were visible the cathedral, the Ruhr Gebeid industrial area, the seven hills around Bonn, and the surface coal mines to the east, as well as the River Rhine.
A controversial modern stained glass window in the Koln cathedral, see below. It was designed by a Köln scientist who works with color and has no overt religious symbols. It was a very moving creation. Many of the windows still do not have stained glass - blown out in the war?

Der Monkser Brucke, the highest passenger train bridge in Europe. The Allies tried to bomb it in WWII but could not find it in the Wupper Valley.
Alans favorite modern building in Koln.

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