Sunday, August 10, 2008

Alan Cycling Down the Rhine from Bonn, Aug 5, 2008

The weather was very hot the week of August 4 in the Rheinland. We set out late from Bonn, cycling south along the Rhein bicycle way. Alan had two flat tires in one day and bought a new tire, the German Schwalbe Marathon.

It was a short ride when we came upon the nice campground on the side of the Rhein at the "Siebengebirgesblick," or Seven Mountains area south of Bonn. The Dragon Tower is seen afar.
Alan was very happy to relax in the Biergarten along the Rhein. We learned that camping places in Germany often have such restaurants and bars.
Although the light is too strong, Alan was glad to get a glimpse of Rhein maidens sunning along the shore - seen here along the shore.

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