Saturday, August 23, 2008

Baiersdorfer Jüdenfriedhof, Newer Monuments

The newer gravestones are stronger, they are made of granite and not rock which disintegrates.

The newer gravestones are written partially or wholly in German. Here is Max Bayreuther, who died in 1932 at Forchheim.
Frau Lena Schloss, who died in 1937 at Forchheim, was one of the very last graves here. There were no more after 1938.

Loose Translation: "[This monument is to] Honor the dead and everlasting memory of the Jewish citizens of Baiersdorf and vicinity who submitted to the horrors in the persecutions of the years between 1933-1945. We, the living, must give their urgent warning/admonition/reminder to the coming generations."

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