Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Day 2: Auberge du Truc-Les Contamines-Refuge du Bonhomme

The Tour de Mont Blanc path from the town of Les Contamines runs along an old Roman road. Amazing to walk along stone pavers laid 2,000 years ago.
From Les Contamines, the path heads south toward Les Aiguilles de la Pennaz, seen below. The "needles," which is the literal translation of Aiguilles, are formed by the erosion of limestone rock.

There are two cols, or passes, at 2320 and 2480 meters (see names below).
One goes above treeline, above plantline, and ends at the Refuge du Bonhomme at 2440 meters.

The whole days hike was 18 km long, with 1300 m ascent and 600 m descent.

Auberge du Truc is a few kilometers north of Les Contamines at 1720 m.
Les Contamines is at 1170 m to
Notre Dame de la Gorge/1210 to
Col du Bon Homme/2320 to
Col de la Croix/2480 to
Refuge du Bonhomme/2440