Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Day 1: Les Houches - Auberge du Truc (Les Contamines°

The bridge above crosses the river draining the Glacier de Bionassay.
Glacial landscapes often have perched valleys and steep slopes.
The Col de Tricot at 2120 meters has steep slopes on either side.

French alpine landscapes are also very much shaped by cows who graze the "Alp" pastures during the summer. The Auberge du Truc below is really a summer dairy farm with a refuge added on. Most of the food served is cheese!

Stage 1 was 15 km long with 1500 meters of ascent and 700 meters of descent.

Les Houches is the start of the hike at 1000 meters.
Col de Voza at 1653 to
Col de Tricot at 2120 to
Auberge de Tricot at 1720

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