Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Zen Garden: Clearing the Decks and Digging the Trench

Back of the house had been a tri-level deck above an eroding slope, with a pit from an abandoned pond.  After discussion and soul searching, we decided to put in an underground infiltration trench for stormwater and an above-ground Zen Garden.
In this, we were inspired by Japanese Buddhist monk and master garden designer Shunmyo Masuno.  Our 'bible' was the book Zen Gardens, the Complete Works of Shunmyo Mason, Japan's Leading Garden Designer.   

So, first was demolition and leveling the slope.
Second, digging for the infiltration trench.
It was very tight for the tractors and there was a lot of 'clean fill' to truck away.

Above, taking out weedy vegetation along the edge and leveling the slope edge.
Below, starting the long, tedious, tight  process of digging the infiltration trench.