Saturday, December 30, 2017

Build It and They Will Come; Finished Just in Time

The next 18 'chapters' document stone landscaping improvements from the beginning of September through the end of November 2017.

When you reach the bottom of each 'page' of posts, look for the button on the lower right that says OLDER POSTS.  Clicking that will bring up the next series.

Although blogs generally go back in time, the next 18 are organized so that you start at the beginning and get an idea of the different sub-projects:

Creating a terrace around fish pond next to carport
dig  trench
build a concrete block wall and stucco it
put in plants and boulders and beds
levelling, non woven geotextile fabric and gravel on top of non-bed areas

Stone Arrangement at street corner, see photo  below

Building steps from street corner up to terrace and around carport

Building a Zen Garden in back of the house
Clearing decks
Digging and constructing an infiltration trench
Stabilize the slope edge
Place smaller limestone  slabs
Testing and visualizing
Place large Wissahickon path slabs
Place large vertical limestone slabs
Delineate planting beds:  plant shrubs and line with cobbles; mulch
Lay non woven geotextile fabric and gravel

Landscape stones were  appreciated by local children.

The stone landscape project finished just in time.  Two days later snow and winter came.

The stones were just a few days earlier the children had been playing.

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