Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Ufenau, Sacred Island in the Sea of Zurich

Ufenau was settled very early, with a church already in Roman times.  Website
Christian missionaries came from Ireland to convert the area.
The island was owned by Regenlinda, wife of the Duke of Swabia until her death in 958.  She and her son, the monk Adelrich are buried there.  
Ufenau was given by Emporer Otto in 965 to the Abbey of Eisedeln.
Below, the church of St Peter and Paul and the Chapel of St Martin.

The only way to get to Ufenau is by boat.  Ferries service both shores of the Lake of Zurich and come often.

Einseideln still owns the island.
Development plans were thwarted and the island is, at least for now, under conservation easements.

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