Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Flight Home: Clouds,Smog, Ice Sheet

 Clouds (and brown haze) over Zurich Switzerland

 The coast of Iceland near Reykavik is actually tinged green from moss and plants.

The three shot series below shows the Greenland ice sheet.  First is an approach from the east, with drainage into fjords that flow southeast - and still have icebergs floating in them.  The middle picture depicts the central part of the Greenland ice sheet, with mountaintops sticking up above the massive glacier.  The last shot is heading off the coast of Greenland, where drainage fjords are now flowing southwest from the ice sheet toward the sea.

Approach to New York along the south shore of Long Island, the sunset and pollution combine to create a yellow-brown glow.


Anonymous said...

Are you sorry you had to come back?

sue betts said...

10/11/13 I finally got caught up with your blog. Impressive mountains. I particularly liked the flower (the lupines) and the comment about Iceland and its greenness.
Bob and I made a trip to Geneva and Sion in May 1978. I remember the fields of mustard we saw growing in so many fields we saw from the plane, and I remember the delightful wine in Sion. Sue B