Thursday, September 4, 2008

Schloss Linderhof: King Ludwig's Cottage

This part of the trip was about visiting some of the castles erected by King Ludwig II, who died in 1886. He was straightjacketed politically during his reign and instead spent his time and vast sums of money building elaborate castles. We joked that he had built the foundation of tourism in Bavaria as his lasting legacy.
Elaborate over-the-top mythological statues, with little overt religious reference.
Extensive and varied use of the abundant water supplies of the area for fountains. This one has terraced fountains coming down the mountainside, ending with torrents gushing from the noses of Neptune's stallions.
Extensive use of bedding annual plants for bold color patterns and clipped hedges.
Although pretty nutty, the overall effect is pleasing. Ludwig was flamboyant and spent way too much money but did manage in the end to create enticing designs. At least the millions of international visitors who pour through these castles every year find them so!

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