Thursday, September 4, 2008

Landsberg am Lech

We spent the last night of the bike trip at Landsberg am Lech, picked because that was the end of our route that particular day. The Lech at Landsberg is a mighty river that has been harnessed since Roman times for power and trade.
The Bayerische Tor is one of about 7 towers from the original city wall. It dates to the 1420's.
This rebuilt mill is used as an apartment building. The Lech canal runs right on the other side.
As we walked around Landsberg, we gradually found small and hidden signs of its importance in past history. Landsberg had become a cult center for the Nazis as it was the place where Hitler wrote "Mein Kampf." It also was one of the cities where work camps for prisoners from Dachau were brought during WWII. About 30,000 prisoners were brought to construct underground bunker factories to build bombers. About 15,000 of them died in the work camps. This small sign on a bike path was the only sign we could find of that part of Landsberg's history. We left determined to learn more. This sign means "Memorial Place" and probably refers to the concentration work camps for the Jews brought from Dachau.

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