Monday, October 31, 2016

Austrian Fortifications at Lagazuoi

The army of the Austrian Hungarian Empire dominated northern Italy before and thru WW I.  They had entrenched fortifications on the peak of Lagazuoi, where they could rain bombardment down on the valley road and also on the entrenched Italian position at Cinque Torri.  Photo below shows a fort dug into the rock, from which Austrian army could control the road to Falzarego Pass and shoot at the Cinque Torri position visible in the upper left.

Everything had to be dug into the rock or protected by walls against bombs and bullets.

This military position was held for years, winter and summer.
Caves and holes were dug in the rock to live in.
Officers' deluxe quarters below.

At 2,700 meters, Lagazuoi is a barren and forbidding place.

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