Thursday, July 21, 2016

Chateau de Vizille

The Chateau de Vizille is some dozens of kilometers west of Grenoble, France.
It encompasses 100 hectares, or 320 acres, and is surrounded by a wall 7 km. long.
Here is a brief description from Wikipedia.

 A sign in the garden at the chateau poses the question  "What is a French garden?"
And the answer:  "It is an ordered garden of hierarchy with large perspectives.  The quadrants are carefully studied - contrary to the English garden, whose configuration leaves more of a natural liberty."

Regulation and capture of water is the heart of this chateau, which has two springs and three streams feeding into the property.  With so little flat, fertile ground in the region, it is not surprising that uprisings of the French Revolution reputedly broke out here, where villagers were walled out from the aquaculture, hunting grounds and lush gardens. 

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