Thursday, March 31, 2016

Beginning Roof Work

Before recoating the roof:
  the fascia boards were taken off,
  the outer 2 inches of yucky roof junk was cut off with a Sawzall,
  insulation was carefully put in the outer part of the eaves,
  protection boards were put up to seal off the eaves, 
  beefy fascia boards were screwed up over the protection boards,
  all were primed to get ready for flashing on top.

Above, Alan on ladder cutting the outer edge of roof.

To right, edge fascia boards have come off and the edge of roof trimmed off.

Above, Alan has put in insulation and then protection boards on back.

To left, the same is happening on the front of the house, at the same time as the garden prep.
 Here, Alan works with Norman Jake installing the fascia on top of the protection boards.  Garden prep still happening!Finally, in the twilight, garden prep is done, some of the fascia boards are up and primed.

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