Saturday, October 31, 2015

Floors Begin, Hull House

After months of deliberation, the decision was to go with Marmoleum/Linoleum floors from forbo:  'Click' floating planks in most of the house and Marmoleum Composite Tile in the kitchen and utility room.
  An initial sample allowed us to see that the Click would work and put down the MCT tiles.

Picking up materials at Bell Flooring, above.

Below can be seen the concrete underneath, the foam underlayment and the 'Click' sandwich of cork, composite board and Marmoleum.  It is about 3/8 inch thick, is tapped into place and floats without any glue.  We ran out of materials and have to wait for backordered planks to arrive.

 Meanwhile, Alan can install the Marmoleum Composite Tile, which is a thin layer linoleum tile that is glued right to the concrete.  Very carefully!

The TV room floor is a modular carpet tile product from FLOR.  Alan created the design at left and was able to buy the exact colors and create the shapes from square tiles.  They are not glued down.

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