Thursday, January 31, 2013

Ai Wei Wei at The Hirshhorn, Pt I

Ai Wei Wei may now be one of the most famous artists in the world.  See the New York Times article at:

See the CBS news show profile video on CBS Sunday Morning, Jan. 27, 2013 :

He is a prolific Chinese artist who is adept in sculpture, photography, and protest as performance art.  He has combined great contemporary art with social activism.  The Chinese government would not release his passport for the retrospective at The Hirshhorn Museum in Washington, which is up until end of February, 2013.

Below are Chinese "Tea Houses" made of real tea!
A beautifully rendered marble sculpture of the surveillance camera that was set up to monitor activities near Ai Wei Wei's studio.

Antique Chinese stools used in unexpected sculptural ways, above.
Below, wood from ancient Chinese temples that were destroyed is used for contemporary sculptures.

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