Monday, December 10, 2012

Chihuly at VMFA

Virginia Museum of Fine Arts has done a fine job of staging certainly the most opulent exhibition of works by the best known contemporary glass artist, Dale Chihuly.
Here is link to VMFA:
Here is link for Dale Chihuly:

 One enters through an archway with glass jellyfish forms suspended and lit from above.

 The piece above is inspired by Japanese fishing boats that used glass floats for their nets.

 The "macchiato" pieces above may be part of the native American basket series or take off from Venetian glass works.  It is all about color, light and shadow.

 Above and below are two small details from a large room with a glass "lagoon," including realistic depictions of sea life.

I do not know what the form below is, but like most of the work, it seems biologically based.

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