Thursday, July 26, 2012

Alan's work on Chateau D'Urfé

2012 was Alan's third year to volunteer at Chateau D'Urfé.
He chose two tasks:  to find good stones in surrounding fields for repair work and to clear a wall from the sixteenth century of the ivy vines covering it.

The first thing that Alan did was to scour the fields surrounding the chateau to look for large squarish stones that could be used to renovate crumbling walls at the chateau.
A neighbor lent a four-wheeler to transport what turned out to be over 3,000 kilos of rocks!

The second herculean task that Alan selected was to remove ivy vines from a massive wall built in the sixteenth century.  It is a right angle wall about 30 meters in total length and 10-15 meters high.  The ivy vines seem to have been growing since the sixteenth century too!

This is how Alan felt at the end of each day:

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