Friday, December 31, 2010

Abandoned at a Copy Store

These images and words were found left by different customers at a copy shop in Richmond Virginia. They are from the past and the present, representing memories, fantasies, and dreams.

Poem found in the copy store:

"She's In the Winner's Circle"

In her first race; She started bare.
The field became stony, filled with dirt, sometimes muddy.
Opponents jointed her; friends came; crowds cheered. Then came moments of smiles and sunshine.
She kept running.
She tripped and fell by the wayside with scars and patches as proof.
She kept running.
Her master fed her, cleansed her to a shine.
She was His prize trophy whom He called Rebecca.
On her running turf of life; she won the race. Rebecca is number one!
She kept running.

Advertisement found in the copy store:

I would like to introduce myself. I have a degree in landscape design and horticulture. I have been in business for the past 13 years in Richmond and surrounding areas. I supervise up to 10-20 men who are usually Hispanic. I speak Spanish.

I do commercial as well as residential projects. Some of the services we offer are landscape design and installation, patio design, pool design, maintenance and grading, sod, variety of hardscapes such as rock walls, retaining walls, paths, etc.

I work for many builders. I create designs ranging from a small garden to the entire yard. Most of the projects I work on are in the high end clientele.

I am very proud of what we do and would like to share it with you. Most of my work is word of mouth.

I would like to set up a time to meet you so I can show you some of our work.

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