Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Traveling Kit

Here is an idea of what I put into the traveling kit for 3 months biking in Europe. Some of the heavier items can be stored when they are not needed. Alan has a few different things, but generally tends to take less than I. Between us, we split carrying one sleeping bag for two, and a tent.

Burley Vagabond bike
Tubus rack
2 Blackburn water bottle cages plus 2 water bottles
2 Ortlieb Backroller Rear Pannier bags
1 Ortlieb medium front handlebar bag
2 Planetbike Spok lights, one red and one white
1 Bell helmet
2 cable locks, one thick and one thin, with padlock
elastic Bungee cords

Spare tube
Small can chain lubricant
1 small container grease
Electrical tape
Twist ties
Small phillips screwdriver
Tube patch kit
Spoke wrench
Small crescent wrench
15-16 cone wrench
Crank Bros. small pump
3 tire levers
4,5 mm Allan keys
Soma Multitool
2,3,4,5,6 mm Allan key, Phillips and flat screwdrivers
Tool bag for under seat

1 pair running shoes
1 pair light plastic sandals
1 soft shell jacket
1 breathable rain jacket
1 light windbreaker
2 nylon long sleeve button shirts with sun protection
2 polyester long sleeve Tshirts with sun protection
4 polyester short sleeve Tshirts
2 sportsbras
1 long sleeve light wool long sleeve shirt
2 light nylon long pants
3 pair underwear
3 pair short nylon light socks
1 pair short medium wool socks
1 pair waterproof 'scuba' socks
1 skirt, nylon, foldable
1 pair nylon shorts
1 pair cycling shorts
1 pair long nylon tights
1 wool hat, can go under bike helmet
1 pair light cycling glove, no finger
2 pairs light gloves for warmth
1 pair waterproof gloves

either the sleeping bag or the tent
1 sleeping pad, inflatable, 1/2 length
Silicone treated nylon stuffsacks

Hostelling International card
International camping card
Vrienden op de fiets Donateurskaart
Dictionary, one or more
Photocopy of passport and credit cards
Plastic passport holder
Fabric safety bag for passport and cards
Change purse
Plastic fishing license holder for money

TOILETRIES, in mesh bag
Toothbrush and dental hygiene needs
Sun block lotion
Small drying towel

Timepiece, small and light
Pencil and pens
Pad for writing, small
Carabiner, small and light
Thermometer, small
Compass, small for wherever you are going (compasses can vary by declination)
Camera and charger, plus SD cards and cords
Phone and charger, plus extra battery and cords
Electric prong adaptor
Petz Tikka Plus headlamp and container
First aid kit
Sharpie marking pen
Plastic spoon
Spare glasses
Needle and thread
Shoulderbag or pack, light

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