Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Images from Marshfield Inn and Motel; Vermont

Marshfield Inn and Motel
US Route 2
Plainfield, Vermont

Friends at Marshfield Inn

Martha, above, can still carry fast-growing Amos.
Robin, below, with Angus the black lab.

Marion, above, returned to the Godard College area for a reunion.
Martha and Terry, below, also had their own reunion.

Amos and Bill.

Native Plants in the Landscape Conference, Millersville

Angie Palmer, above, introduces the conference. She is the director of the conference and principal of Plants Nouveau, a plant marketing business.
The conference celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2010, below.
It is held the first week of June every year at Millersville University, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

One of the tallest and the youngest conference attendees, below.
Angie, below with FM Mooberry, founder of the conference

The conference attracts a diversity of native plant enthusiasts.

Field Trip to Mt Cuba Center for Piedmont Flora

Delighted visitors listen to talk by staff Peggy Ann Montgomery, above, on trials of cultivars of native plants.
Visit to Mt Cuba greenhouses below