Thursday, June 26, 2014

NW Massachusetts Hill, Field, Sky and an Old Industrial Building

Williamstown has an abundance of beautiful views, protected slopes and high end houses.  North Adams, just to the east, had an industrial history and struggled when industry declined.  Below, is the old Sprague Electric plant which has been converted into an art museum and business incubator space.


 The Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art in North Adams has successfully preserved a large industrial complex, turned the buildings into a work of art, become a destination, and provided space for art and many other ventures.

Sol LeWitt at MassMOCA

 Sol LeWitt explored line and shape and size - and how art is made.  One wonders whether he envisioned visitors fitting into the artistic landscape of stripes, left.

Wall Drawing 797, above, is a good example of Sol Lewitt's work:  he left instructions on how the art would be done, rather than an actual physical piece.  In this case, four drafters work, with the first drawing a blue line, the second a red line that follows the blue line without touching it, the third a yellow line that follows the red line without touching it, the fourth a blue line, until the bottom of the wall is reached.  The original line is random and the patterns emerge from the process.

Coming and Going after 35 Years

It is wonderful to have a reunion with good friends after 35 years.  What a feat with all the coming and going to be together.  What a gift to still be here!

Bike Photos, Williamstown-North Adams

 Alan and Paul in front of the Spoke bike shop in Williamstown, which Alan ran from 1975 till 1983.

Paul standing with Sam Smith, the original farmer of Caretaker Farm.  Sam was about to set out on a bike tour in southern France.

These two were starting a bike trip across the country and landed on a rainy day at the Holiday Inn, North Adams.  I don't know why they were carrying a vase of flowers, a container of hand lotion and a pizza, and hope they dropped some luggage before going over the Taconics.

Ferns and Patterns; Lishkill Preserve, Niskayuna

Exploring: at Lishkill Preserve, Niskayuna